Saturday, 28 April 2012

Zero XU Tire Choices

2012 Zero XU Tire Choices

OEM sizing is
Front: Shinko F250 MJ90-19 which equates to 90/90-19
Rear: Shinko SR735 110/90-16

Odd sizes limit the number of available replacements. The rear tire is very close to the drive belt, I don't think a 120/90-16 would be a wise choice due to the increased width. I think when the original tires go I'll try out Avon RoadRider AM26's, they have two fronts in the OEM sizes. Another option would be Pirelli Sport Demon, but the front tire would have to be 100/90-19 and might not fit, I'll have to see how much clearance there is with the front fender... there is plenty of clearance for the front fender with the OEM tire. I can't find detailed specs on the SR735 though, so I'll have to break out the caliper and measuring tape...


F250 MJ90-19
Diameter - 650mm
Width - 89mm
AM26 90/90-19
Diameter - 647mm
Width - 99mm
Sport Demon 100/90-19
Diameter - 668mm
Width - 100mm
Bridgestone BT-45 100/90-19
Diameter - 663mm
Width - 99mm
Kenda K671 Cruiser 100/90-19
Diameter - 666mm
Width - 99mm
Kenda K761 Dual Sport 100/90-19
Diameter - 663mm
Width - 98mm


SR735 110/90-16
Diameter - ??? mm
Width - ??? mm
AM26 110/90-16
Diameter - 603mm
Width - 117mm
Sport Demon 110/90-16
Diameter - 604mm
Width - 115mm
Bridgestone BT-45 100/90-16
Diameter - 587mm
Width - 99mm
Bridgestone BT-45 110/90-16
Diameter - 605mm
Width - 112mm
Kenda K671 Cruiser 100/90-16
Diameter - 587mm
Width - 99mm
Kenda K761 Dual Sport 100/90-16
Diameter - 585mm
Width - 100mm

Front Tube


Rear tube

4.0/4.6 16

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