Friday, 27 April 2012

Update on Registration Problems

Update on registration - 25-Apr-2012

I was notified by my local ServiceOntario branch office that I could come in to get my XU registered. The clerk was quick & efficient, got the paperwork and license plate and went home.

The XU doesn't have any pre-drilled holes in the rear fender for mounting the plate, so I grabbed my electric drill, held the plate up against the fender, marked the 4 holes and drilled away using a bit smaller than the 4 stainless screws I had on-hand. Mounted the plate using 4 stainless bolts, they self-threaded nicely into the thick plastic of the fender.

Went for my first ride, here are my impressions that I posted on

Initial impressions:
As already reported, ECO vs SPORT (or on my XU I vs II) provides quite the difference in riding experience, both in acceleration and regen braking. In ECO the regen feels a lot like engine braking on a small displacement 4T; it's barely noticeable in SPORT mode. In ECO mode if one times it correctly one can use minimal brakes to come to a stop (applying a little bit of pressure to at least get the brake light activated). The only issue is in ECO mode you really have to pay attention (more so than normal on a motorcycle) to traffic patterns and almost anticipating traffic light changes.
It gets up to 60 & 80KPH quickly enough that commuting shouldn't be a problem. The XU is light and flickable, the front brake seemed spongy/squishy at the beginning but it seems to be getting better. Rear brake takes a while to bite, I like using it for low-speed parking lot speeds so I'll have to see if I can adjust that. The seat height is about 5.5" shorter than my WRR, so that took some time for adjustment. I only reached for the non-existant clutch and gear shifter once, while coming to a stop Grin

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