Friday, 12 April 2013

Failed BMS Board

Failed BMS Board

Tried to get the XU out on the road this week since it appeared winter was over. Installed the battery power pack in the chassis, connected all of the cables, keyed the bike on and it began displaying an error code via the flashing exclamation warning indicator on the dash: 2 flashes followed by 4 flashes. Looked up the code in the manual, and it stated:

Cause: Battery Management System (BMS) Throttle Disable
Solution: Contact Zero or your dealer.

I emailed Zero and waited a couple of days for a response, then decided to call them this afternoon. My email got mixed up, and the CSR stated it was likely a failed BMS board and that they would ship out a replacement to the nearest Zero dealer. This is my 5th bike since 2004, and the first failure/no-start/major problem other than the OEM battery failing on the first bike after 2 years  :'( Maybe should've stayed with gas-powered bikes. First one I'll have to get flat-bedded to the dealership for a repair.

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