Thursday, 27 September 2012

Colder Weather Riding

Colder Weather Riding

September mornings here are cooler, so about 4-5*C. The effect of the cooler temperature is  decreased range, noticeable on a KM per bar level, and my hands are cold.

It seems like the KM per bar used to be above 5 KM during the 20-30*C weather, this morning it was about 4.7 KM per bar. The return commute was at about 15*C, so the KM per bar was back up to near-normal levels.

For the hands I'll have to use heavier riding gloves. Zero has two accessories for heated grips (had them on my last bike and would like them on the XU), a 12V DC outlet and a set of heated grips, but up here it'll cost close to $250 for them in total...

On another note the replacement Cheng Shin rear tube is holding air much better than the OEM tube; after a week of commuting the tire pressure no longer drops.

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