Thursday, 24 May 2012

First Commute

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Yet another update: I did not receive the quick charge harness with the quick charge option to allow two inputs into the battery pack from two chargers, so I've been putting off riding the XU to work. My plan was to quick charge at an intermediate location on the return portion of my commute. Zero is working out where it is and getting it shipped to me. Today I decided to do it anyways, and I was resigned to the fact that I might have to "slow charge" at the intermediate point.

When I arrived at work there was 5 bars showing on the "fuel gauge", and I thought "maybe I'll make it home" Smiley. The ride in was at about 13*C.

When I turned on the bike in the afternoon, temperature now 28*C, there were 6 bars showing on the gauge. I managed about 1.7 KM before the gauge dropped back down to 5 bars. Then I managed to make it home, the last 1 KM or so with the two bars flashing warning. The commute home was slower, traffic congestion is a bit higher, so I'm guessing that's a good thing Cheesy

Google Maps shows the round-trip as 46.6 KM, the XU odometer shows it as 48.6 KM, either way I got home Grin Hopefully the battery pack is okay with the two bars flashing. I also have to verify with a GPS about the distance, and see about reconfiguring the wheel diameter setting on the instrument cluster to try to get the odometer a bit more accurate (protomech, a user active on most of the e-moto forums, posted the cluster manual, thanks!).

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